If you are having issues with connecting to Keep&Share and you've run the diagnostics test on your computer and see that there are some Keep&Share domains that you're not connecting to, there are a few troubleshooting steps you'll need to take:

1) Verify that the computer clock is set correctly. On our "test connections" page that should tell you if your computer clock is more than one day different from ours. Or please check your computer's clock to verify that it is set to the correct date and time.

2) Verify that you can actually go to each of the domain names listed. For example, please type https://keepn.com/ or https://kvisit.com/ in the web browser. If you don't end up at www.keepandshare.com then you will most likely be getting an error page explaining what your browser thinks is wrong and we can go from there.

3) If you are using a 3rd party DNS service or filter service, such as "OpenDNS", "NetNanny", or "Covenant Eyes", you should be able to log in to the 3rd party service's control panel and view logs to see if keepn.com or kvisit.com are being blocked and why they are being blocked. If they are blocked by a 3rd party service then you can access a white list on that service to add the domain names and prevent the block.

4) Finally, in most cases where we find these domains not working it is because of an IT department policy. You will need to contact the person who set up your internet or computer and see if they set up any restrictions on your computer (such as preventing people from installing software or accessing certain web sites).