If you add and verify a new email address to your Email Settings in your account, a great way to immediately test that this email is working properly or if it is emailing to the email account that you want, is to send a test email from Keep&Share to yourself. Sending yourself a test email will verify whether or not you are receiving all of your emails from Keep&Share or if there is something blocking emails from getting to your account.

You can send a test email by clicking on the “Send Message” link in the blue bar on the upper left-hand side of your screen. See the image below:

When you use the “Send Message” command to send an email to yourself, the item in Keep&Share that you are emailing will be sent to the default email address on your account. If you are not receiving any emails from Keep&Share, including your verification email or lost password/Account Name email, you'll need to start troubleshooting why you aren't receiving emails from Keep&Share.

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