In the Keep&Share Share Control, you can add Groups and Friends to your Share List as a way to easily access and organize the Keep&Share users you share your applications (ex. Documents, Photo Albums, Calendars, etc.) with. Team Members are a specialized Share Group that includes all of the members within your Team Account. This Group makes it easier to share your automatic Notifications and applications with fellow members of your Team Account.

If you have a Team Plans paid account, you will see the term Team Members as an option for sharing in your Share List. This is different than a Share Group which is a group of individual accounts listed as part of your Share Control.

The Team Account provides easy central setup and administration, group branding, high-performance central capacity in the group account for all Team members to share, and the highest level of features for all Team members. Since Team Members are a specialized Share Group, you can access your Team by clicking on the gray “Friends” link in the blue bar and then clicking on the “Groups” tab.

Unlike with Share Groups you cannot edit who is or is not in your Team Member Group. To do that, you must use the Team Console.

Team accounts are based on a number of accounts organized under one master account. Each Team account is a unique Account Name and account password. Keep&Share accounts have either one or multiple accounts.

Advantages of a Team Account

  • The owner uses a “team console” to create and manage the accounts tied to their account.
  • The owner can create new accounts for additional users.
  • For each account, the owner chooses and controls that Team member's Account Name, password, email address, and configuration
  • All the accounts on the owner's Team Account license enjoy the full benefits of a paid account.
  • All accounts share a common, very high capacity for storage space and bandwidth.
  • All accounts display your company’s custom logo if you upload it into your master account.
  • The first license is used to upgrade the owner's account. The rest of the licenses can be used to create additional accounts that have the full paid status.
  • For instance, if you purchase a 10-pack, one license is for your own master account, allowing you to create up to 9 additional paid accounts.

More About Team Accounts