You can apply different labels such as names, legends, month notes, and name details for your Calendar. These can be for your own reference or they can be helpful for any Visitors to your Calendar. You can change or add any of these labels in your “Customize” screen for your Calendar.

Using Calendar Names

The Calendar name is the master label of your Calendar and is represented in the top right of Calendar printouts. This name identifies your Calendar in the Navigator and upper right-hand corner of your Calendar screen. All Calendars must have a name in your account. Learn more about editing your Calendar name.

Using Calendar Name Details

Calendar name details provide further information to this label when users hover a mouse over your Calendar Name. This description will only show up when you hover over the Calendar name in the Navigator. We advise keeping these labels as short as possible. If you want to add more descriptive text to your Calendar, we suggest adding a Calendar legend. Learn more about editing your Calendar name details.

Using Calendar Legends

The Calendar legend is a one-line label that will appear at the top of every view and printout of your Calendar. It is useful for sharing information, messages, guidelines, and abbreviations, that you would like displayed throughout your Calendar regardless of the Calendar View. You have the ability to add links and some limited formatting options to your Calendar legends. Learn more about using Calendar legends.

Using Month Notes

Month Notes are one-line labels that can appear at the bottom of a Month View (and printout) of your Calendar. Once Month Notes are set up for your Calendar, each month can have a unique Month Note. It is useful for sharing information, messages, guidelines, and abbreviations, (or even for a little fun) for each month. Learn more about using Month Notes.

Note: Calendar Legends and Month Notes are features available only to paid Keep&Share accounts.

If you currently have a free Basic account, you can try a 15-day free trial of our Solo plan to try out all of our premium features.

For more information on customizing the look of your calendar, visit the Calendar Appearance solutions folder.