Your Keep&Share Calendar Application provides you with two methods of Calendar entry: Day Notes and Events. Events are a type of Calendar entry that is structured around a scheduled time or length of time, with options to connect to your email, phone, and other Calendars. You can also customize those events with Event Tags, icons, links, photos, notes, and more.

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You can create an event by clicking on the plus icon available in the top right corner of a date on your calendar, or by clicking on the white space in your Day Boxes. Follow the directions below to add an Event to your Calendar:

Once you have opened the Event Editor in your calendar entry window you will see a smaller version of your Event Editor called the "Mini Editor." This helps you to create events in your calendar quickly without too many details or features.

To see advanced event editing options you will need to click on the "More Options" button. This expands the Event Editor so you can add event text, icons, notes, and times associated with your event. You can also select options for recurring events, reminders via text and email, and “Book Now” links for visitors to self-schedule appointments and classes using “Self-Book”.

To save your Event, you can either click the "Save" button to close the window or click the “Create Event” button to save & create a new copy of your event. Learn more about copying your Event. The “Cancel” button will close your Event Editor without saving your Event.

To close the Event Editor without saving an Event draft, click the “Cancel” button in the Event Editor.

Once you have created an event, your event text will appear as a primary Event Link on a date in your calendar. You can click this Event Link to open the Event Editor and view the details saved to your event. This is the primary link to your event is different from hyperlinks that can be added to your event, as the primary Event link opens the Event Editor, whereas additional Event hyperlinks open to external URLs.

Tip: You can also use Day Notes in your calendar to create calendar entries that are free form calendar entries that use the range of tools available in the Keep&Share word processor.

Learn more about creating, editing, and connecting your Events by visiting the Event solutions folder.