Events are a type of calendar entry that is structured around a scheduled time, with options to connect to your email, phone, and other calendars. To create a new event, click on the “[green circle +]” button available in the top right corner of a date on your calendar or click in your calendar white space. To access and edit an existing Event, open the Event Editor by clicking an Event link on your calendar.

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A repeating Event can last all day or for a certain period of time in a day on a repeat schedule that you determine. This means that your repeating Event can occur the first Friday of every month, the 23rd of September every year, every other Monday, or any other kind of repeating schedule that you choose. See the image below for an example of a repeating Event:

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Setting up your repeating Event

Set up your repeating Event by first creating and scheduling an individual Event. Then once your other event details are set, click the Repeat drop-down menu. Choose a unit (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually) that you'd like to repeat your event. Each unit has different options available to further customize the frequency of your repeating event.

Once you've selected on what basis you'd like your event to repeat (ex. daily, weekly, monthly, or annually) you will be presented with new options to help you set the frequency of your event, (such as every 3 days). See the image below:

Once you've selected a unit for your repeating event (such as days), you can set a frequency of your event, (such as every 3 days). Once you've set a frequency, select an end date to complete your repeating event. If you do not enter an end date, the repeating event will continue through the rest of your calendar indefinitely.

Once you've selected your choice of settings for your repeating event, click the "Ok" button to save and close your Event. This creates a series of repeating events connected by the selections you made.

Editing a repeating Event

You can edit your repeating Event the same way you would any Event, by clicking on an Event Link to any individual copy of your Event. Once you click to save an edit in an event, a pop-up dialog will give you the option to update the rest of the events connected in your series of repeating events.

Delete an Event from your series of repeating Events

You can delete an individual event from your series of repeating events, by opening the Event Editor on the day of your choice and click the Delete button. A pop-up dialog will appear and click the "Only this Event" button to delete only this one event.

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