When you log into Keep&Share, you have the option of checking a box below your login credentials labeled “Stay signed in.” When you click on this checkbox, every time that you go to Keep&Share log-in page your Account Name and password will already be filled in. All you will have to do is click on the “Secure Sign-In” button to log in. See the image below:

The “Stay signed in...” command causes Keep&Share to store your Account Name and password in a “cookie” on your local computer for the next 30 days, or until you click on the “Log Out” command from Keep&Share. Using the browser refresh command will also clear your login credentials. If your browser is storing your login via the “Stay signed in...” command, then you can bookmark any page inside of your Keep&Share account and go directly to that page via the bookmark without having first gone to a log-in screen.

If the “Stay signed in...” command does not seem to be working for you, then it should be because:

  1. You are clicking on the blue “Log Out” link in the upper right-hand corner of your account screen, which causes it to flush your remembered Account Name/password. Instead of logging out, we recommend just closing the browser or tab that Keep&Share is running in.
  2. Your browser might have cookie support turned off. You should turn on cookies in your browser. Learn more about turning on cookies in your desktop browser and your mobile browser.

When to use the “Log Out” command

Since the “Log Out” command erases the computer's memory of your login credentials, you should only need to use “Log Out” when you have just finished using Keep&Share on a public computer (e.g., at a library) or on someone else's computer. In these cases, of course, you do not want to have that computer store your login information since someone else could then log in to your account. Always use “Log Out” after using a public or friend's computer to access your Keep&Share account.

Using the Browsers Password Feature

If you use multiple Keep&Share accounts then you can’t use the “Stay signed in...” command, but you can either open different Keep&Share accounts in different browsers or you can have your browser remember your password.

Learn how to have:

Remembering Passwords on the Mobile App

On the mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, there is no "Stay signed in..." box to check. This is because the apps automatically remember your login credentials when you sign into the app for the first time. The only times that you should be asked to log into the mobile app again are if:

  1. You uninstalled the Keep&Share app from your device
  2. It has been over 30 days since you last used the app
  3. You signed out of the app using the "Logout" command in the mobile app menu