Whenever the password is changed on your account, Keep&Share sends a courtesy notice to the email address registered to your account in your Email Settings.

If you received an email from Keep&Share telling you that the password on your account was changed recently and you didn't change it, here is what you should do:

  1. Stop and think - besides you, who else had the password to your account?
  2. Have you or they changed the password? 99% of the time this is the case. If so, do nothing - the email from Keep&Share was a courtesy notice.
  3. If you're not sure who changed the password use the “Forgot Password” command.
  4. A reset password link will then be emailed to you.
  5. Click the link and change the password to a new password that only you know.
  6. If you do not receive the “Forgot Password” email, then you should send an email to support@keepandshare.com or submit a help ticket right away asking us to reset your password. Be sure to tell us your Account Name!