There are three types of multiple day Events that you can create: repeating Events, multi-day Events, and then you can combine repeating and multi-day events together for more specificity.

Repeating Events

A repeating Event can last all day or for a certain period of time in a day on a repeat schedule that you determine. This means that your repeating Event can occur the first Friday of every month, the 23rd of September every year, every other Monday, or any other kind of repeating schedule that you choose. See the image below for an example of a repeating Event:

When you are creating a repeating event you will first need to click on a Day Box in your calendar to open up the Event Editor. Once the Event Editor is open you will need to choose the type of repeating schedule you want for your events. See the image below for an example:

Learn more about advanced repeating Events.

Multi-Day Events

A multi-day EventĀ is when you have an event that occurs several days in a row. For example your event would be from July 1st - July 5th or February 23rd - March 5th. The days will be connected visually through the days you have chosen using a solid block of color. See the example below:

When you are opening the Event Editor to create a multi-day event you will need to make sure that your event has a start date and a "thru" date (this is the date that your multi-day event will stop showing). To get the "thru" field to show you will need to click on the checkbox next to "lasts more than one day." See the example below:

Combining Repeating Events and Multi-Day Events

You can combine repeating Events and multi-day events for event more specificity in scheduling your calendar events. For example, let's say that you have a 3-day seminar that repeats every other week. See the image below for what this will look like:

When you are creating events in the Event Editor you will first want to establish the "thru" schedule for your event and then you will need to choose a repeat schedule. Again, you will need to make sure that you have the box next to "thru" checked before you can choose how many days your event lasts. See the image below: