In the Team Console, you have two options for removing Team members from your account: “Remove this Account” and “Remove & Close this Account.” Either of these options will remove a Team member from your Team account, but one option will leave the account intact for the user and the other will not. Both options will remove a Team member from your Team account and freeing up space to add a new Team member.

The “Remove this Account” command allows you to remove accounts from your Team account, but the account will still be accessible for the user. For example, if “johndoe” is removed from my account he will no longer be part of a Team paid account and his account will automatically be turned into a free Basic account.

No account information will be lost from “johndoe”'s account, but he will lose some features since his account has been downgraded and his account will have new limits (ex. only 500 calendar entries will be allowed). He will have the option to recover those features and access extra calendars if he chooses to upgrade his account to a paid account once it is separated from the Team account. Learn more about the difference between paid and free plans.

The “Remove & Close this Account” command will permanently close a user’s account. If “johndoe”'s account is closed, he will no longer be able to log into his account or have access to the contents within his account.