Every Keep&Share account comes with five starter “Self-Book” Templates, which determine how a Calendar Visitor can Self-Book an Event on your Calendar: Book an Appointment, Sign Up for a Group Event, Make a Reservation, Suggest an Event, and Meeting. However, you can also modify your “Meeting”, create your own “Meeting” templates, messages, and more that are specific to your Calendar and your Events.

Note: All Keep&Share accounts come with a sample version of the “Invite-to-Meeting” feature when you sign up for a free trial. You can access the full features and customization of “Invite-to-Meeting” by purchasing Self-Book add-on.

Creating a custom “Self-Book” Template

To create your own custom “Self-Book” Template, go to the “Self-Book” Dashboard by clicking on the "Self-Book" button in the blue bar above your calendar and then click on the "Add New Template" button in the gray bar above your “Self-Book” Dashboard. Choose "Meeting" as the "Template Type" for your custom template and then choose the rest of your template settings.

You have now opened the Customized “Self-Book” Template Editor when you select which type of built-in template you'd like to base your customized template upon, and a range of options you can customize from there.

The “Self-Book” Template Editor let you select your choice of: