When you create a Meeting in your calendar and you invite Friends or Share Groups to join your meeting, your invitees will receive an email from Keep&Share notifying them that they have been invited. You have the choice to make their attendance at the meeting optional or required. If you make the meeting optional, your invitees will have the option of RSVP’ing either yes or no. If you make the meeting required, then there will be no RSVP button in the Meeting invitation email that they receive.

Optional Meetings

If your Meeting is optional, your invitees will receive an email similar to the one below. Your invitees can RSVP by clicking on the orange “Click here to RSVP to the Invitation” button. Once they do, they will see a new page that will appear in a new browser. Your invitees can type a comment into the text box supplied to send you any extra information about what they will bring or why they cannot come before they click on the “Decline” or “Accept” RSVP buttons.

Required Meetings

If your meeting is required, then your invitees will not see an RSVP box in their invitation email. This is because their attendance is mandatory, so no RSVP is required. However, the required invitees will still see an orange “Review the Invitation” button. They can click on this button and a new browser will open where the required invitee can type in any notes that they want to send to you. Like with the “optional” invitees, they will also be able to add your Meeting to their own personal calendar.