Each type of Keep&Share account is allotted a maximum of total Events and Day Notes that can be created in your Calendars in your account. Free Basic accounts can have up to 500 Events and 500 Day Notes, while paid Solo and Team accounts can have up to 3,000 Events and 3,000 Day Notes.

If you'd like to see how many Events and Day Notes you're currently using in each calendar you can check your File Usage Statistics.

However, you may eventually run into the issue where you try to add more Events or Day Notes than your account plan allows. There are three ways that you can experience this error: importing a Calendar, adding a Day Note, or adding an Event. If you have a free Basic account and you try to perform one of these actions, you will see an error notice and be prevented from creating or adding any new Events or Day Notes until you have erased some of your Calendar data. If you have a paid Solo or Team account, you will see a red billboard message at the top of your Calendar screen, but you will still be able to save your Event or Day Note.

If you want to be able to add more Day Notes or Events to your full Calendar, you have a couple of options to do so:

  • Export your Calendar so that you have a copy, and then erase part or erase all of the contents of your Calendar. This way you can have a copy of your old calendar, but be able to import or add new calendar data.
  • Use our "Erase older data to free up space" feature to delete Calendar entries in bulk that are older than a certain date.
  • Upgrade your free Basic account to a paid Solo account. This would increase your account maximum from 500 day notes and events to 3,000.
  • Purchase one of our expansion packs and add more capacity to your account. With the expansion packs, you will be able to add up to 8,000 Day Notes and Events to your Calendar.

Learn more about the differences between account types.