A calendar entry is any information that you enter into your calendar. This includes both Events and Day Notes. Free Basic and paid Solo and Team plans are all allowed to have a different maximum number of entries in their calendar. Free Basic accounts get 500 entries and paid Solo and Team accounts get 3,000 entries.

Free Basic accounts are only allowed one calendar, so they can only have a maximum of 500 calendar entries. A Solo account comes with 5 calendars, so each of those five calendars is allowed 3,000 entries. Each member of a Team account has a maximum of 3,000 entries for each of the 30 calendars in their account. A repeating event (such as an "every Tuesday) counts as a single calendar entry.

Since Team and Solo accounts are allowed multiple calendars, you can overlay your calendars all into one master calendar using Calendar Overlays

If you have exceeded the entry limit for your calendar, then you will not be able to add any more new events until you do something about the number of entries in your calendar. This means you can either erase old entries or purchase one of our expansion packs to increase the number of calendar entries allowed in your calendars. Expansion packs allow you to increase your per-calendar number of entries up to 6,000, 9,000, or 12,000.