Friends” are individual Account Names in Keep&Share that you've added to your Friends List in your account or that you subscribe to. Adding Friends to your Friends List helps keep these individuals “at your fingertips” and makes it easy to share with them or visit their accounts.

If there are Friends that you no longer want on your Friends List, you can delete them by using the pop-up Friends dialog, pictured in the image above. However, you may see that some friends have “[Shared from _____]” next to them and you will be unable to delete them from your account using this dialog.

The Friends that have this gray text next to them are not Friends, but members of your Team Account. Team Members can only be added or removed from your account by using the Team console, and not the pop-up Friends dialog. If you do not have a Team Account, you will not see any of the gray “[Shared from _____]” text next to any of your Friends' names and you should be able to remove all of them from the pop-up Friends dialog.