If you have a Team Plans paid account, you will see the term “Team Members” as an option for sharing in your Share List. On a Team plan, you have a certain number of user accounts. We have starter Team plans with 3, 10, 20, 35, or 50 accounts. If you are the administrator of a Team account, you have the ability to give your sub-accounts to other people. You give a person an account on your Team if you want that person to have a paid account with all of the features that Keep&Share provides.

Adding people as Team Members  makes it easier to share your automatic Notifications and applications with fellow members of your Team Account. You also have administrative rights over your Team Members, such as the ability to log into Team Member accounts, close Team Member accounts, etc.

Friends” are individual Account Names in Keep&Share that you've added to your Friends List in your account. Like with Team Members, you can give other Friends editing rights and viewing access to information in your account. However, unlike Team Members you do not have any control over your Friends’ accounts. Your Friends can also have a free Basic account or a paid Solo account and they might not have the same account features and capabilities that a paid Team Account has.

Also, while you have a set number of Team Members that you can have, you can have an unlimited number of Friends in your Share List. Any Friends that you add to your Share List do not count against the number of Team accounts you have available in your Team.

If there is someone that does not have a Keep&Share account that you want to view your information but you don't want to add them as a Team Member, you can always use the Invite-a-Friend command.