Keep&Share makes it easy for you to manage your addresses by keeping a command bar at the top of your Addresses section: Share, Copy, Move, and Delete. If you haven’t checked the box to the left of any of your addresses, many of the commands will look gray on your screen, because they are not yet “active” — there is nothing to apply them to. After the box has been checked, the commands will look blue to show that they are active & that they can be “applied” to the addresses you’ve selected.

Note: All of the names, addresses, phone numbers, and other information in the examples below are not real. All Keep&Share information is kept private unless you choose it to be otherwise.
  • Share: use the Share Control to set the sharing on all the selected addresses. Learn more about sharing addresses.
  • Copy: copy the selected addresses to any other Folder or to make a copy inside of the current Folder.
  • Move: move the selected addresses to any other Folder.
  • Delete: Permanently delete the selected addresses.

Copying Addresses

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