Friends” are individual Account Names in Keep&Share that you've added to your Friends List in your account or that you subscribe to. The “Friends List” is a list of Keep&Share Account Names that you want to “keep at your fingertips” to make it easy to share with them and/or to Visit their accounts.

Deleting Friends

Your Friends List will have two tabs: Friends and Groups. You can click on the “Friends” tab to see all of your friends and you can click on the “Groups” tab to see all of your Share Groups. To open your Friends List you can click on the gray “Friends” link in the blue bar at the top of your account pages. This link is always kept in that location to make it easy for you to access at any time. You can use the pop-up “Friends” dialog to remove Friends from your Friends List. Follow the steps below:

When you delete a friend from your Friends List, you will no longer have that friend listed in any part of your account, including your Friends’ Share Pages and the Share Control. You can always go back and add that friend again to your Friends List. You can also remove people from subscribing to your account.

If you have a Team account there may be friends on your Friends List that you can't delete. Learn more about why you can't remove some friends from your Friends List.