Adding Friends to your account is an excellent way to begin sharing with others on Keep&Share. “Friends” are other users on Keep&Share that you can add to your Friends List, making it easy to share anything that you have created with these individuals. There are three different ways you can find friends to add to your account:

  1. By clicking on the gray “Friends” link in the blue bar on your account screen
  2. By clicking on the green plus button next to the Blank Sharing Field in the Share Control

When you are searching for a Friend, you can search by a first and last name, an Account Name, or an email address. Don't see the person you want to add as a Friend? That person may not yet have a Keep&Share account. Learn more about how to invite a friend to Keep&Share.

Using the “Find and Add Friends” button

When you log into Keep&Share, you will see a blue bar with a gray “Friends” link at the top of all of your account pages. This link will always be there so as to keep your Friends List easily accessible. You can click on this link to access the “Find and Add Friends” button. Follow the steps in the image below:

How can I add friends who don't have Keep&Share accounts?

If you want to add friends to your account that don't already have Keep&Share accounts, then you'll first need to add that person's email address to the Share Control for the item that you want them to see. Follow the steps in the image below:

Once you have done that then your friend will be sent an email with a password and instructions on logging into their free guest account to see the items that you have shared with them. You can click on the gray "Share" button in the blue bar again to see the name of their guest account. See the image below:

You can then add this friend to your Friends List by searching for their guest account name. See the image below:

Note: You can search for your non-Keep&Share friend by their guest account name. You won't be able to search for your non-Keep&Share friend by email until 1) you have issued them a guest pass and 2) their email has been verified on their guest account.

Learn more about creating Share Groups.