Each record shows the information that you list for one contact. The address record has many text fields for several types of addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, company name, work position, and a website. Every piece of information you may need about a person is easily contained within this single address record.

Note: All of the names, address, phone numbers, and other information in the examples below are not real. All Keep&Share information is kept private unless you choose it to be otherwise.

You can even add a second “Contact” tab with all of the same fields of the information listed in the above image by clicking the “+” tab at the top of your address record. You can give the contact record a custom name by entering it into the “Tab Name” field.

Aside from adding standard contact information such as name and address, you also have the option to add the following information while you are creating or editing your addresses:

You can delete this extra tab by clicking the “Delete this Tab” button at the bottom of the tab.