1. When you print documents in Keep&Share, you will be presented with the options visible in this screenshot:

Documents are printed in PDF format by default. Some of the benefits of printing your Keep&Share Documents as PDFs are:

  • PDFs can be shared with non-Keep&Share users
  • PDFs can be saved and viewed offline
  • Printing with our PDF print dialog allows you to add a customized title, header, & footer
  • With a PDF, what you see in the PDF file is what will print out to anyone's printer. With HTML, you are at the mercy of the browser's printing capability — although browsers have improved a lot over the years, they still seem to leave printing as a low priority.

Most of the time this produces terrific results. However, due to the limitations of transforming HTML to PDF, there are times that the HTML looks better. These limitations include:

  • HTML table printing may look better with HTML rendering
  • Our PDF generator maps fonts to a single font (you can choose Arial, Serif, or San-serif). So, if your Document uses many fonts, you might prefer the “Output as a web page” choice

If you don't like what was produced by printing to PDF, try clicking the “Output as a web page” option in the print dialog and see if you like that better.

It is an escape route!

If “Output as a web page” is checked in the Print dialog:

  • All other options are dimmed in the Print dialog.
  • The string next to the OK button will change from “Generate a PDF” to “Generate an HTML page”
  • The Document is placed on its own tab without the Keep&Share interface - ready to be printed using your browser’s print capabilities