Use Keep&Share to keep all of your addresses in one safe location. You can import any address data you have either from other address software, from spreadsheets on your computer, or even old Keep&Share backups of your current Address Books.

There are several benefits to uploading all of your addresses into Keep&Share:

  • all of your addresses are in a safe, private location
  • you can access your addresses anywhere, any time
  • you have a backup of your addresses in case something happens to your computer
  • you can organize all of your addresses into Folders

Importing addresses into Keep&Share

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In order to import addresses into Keep&Share, you first need to access the “Import Addresses” screen in your “Customize” panel. Follow the steps in the image below:

Once you access the “Import Addresses” screen you can choose a file from your computer to upload into Keep&Share. Keep&Share will accept the following file formats:

The following programs have file formats supported by Keep&Share:

  • Microsoft Outlook Contacts
  • Apple iCal
  • Gmail (export GMail contact to “Outook CSV” - here's how)
  • Yahoo Contacts
  • Microsoft Excel (saved as .CSV)
  • and many other programs - anything that can “export” to .CSV files or standard vCard .VCF files
    Note: .CSV files should be Outlook-compatible

If you upload a .CSV file, after you have clicked on the green “Import Address Book” button you will be taken to the Field Mapping screen. This will enable you to choose where the fields in your .CSV file will be imported to in Keep&Share. Learn more about using field mapping to import addresses.

Learn more about exporting addresses.