Your “Share Page” is your custom landing page where others can “visit” your shared information in your Keep&Share account. Visitors to this page are shown only the items they are allowed to see according to how you have set the sharing on your Documents, Calendars, Photo Albums, and more.

The “Friends Share Pages” and the custom landing pages for your friends. These pages will potentially list the items your friends have shared with you, what items of theirs you have visited recently, and any other information they decide to put on this page.

You can access your Friends Share Pages by first clicking on the gray "Friends" link in the blue bar towards the top of your screen. In the pop-up “Manage Friends & Share Groups” dialog you will need to click on the name of the friend whose Share Page you want to visit. Then on the right-hand side of the dialog, you will see a blue “Visit this friend” link that you can click on. Once you have clicked on this link your friend's Share Page will appear in a new browser window. Follow the steps in the image below:

You can also use the “Manage Friends & Share Groups” dialog to see what your friends have shared with you and how many of what applications they have shared with you (ex. 2 calendars, 5 files, 3 addresses, etc.).

There are two ways that you can have friends shares listed in the “Manage Friends & Share Groups” dialog:

  1. add that person as a Friend
  2. subscribe to that person's account

What if you have added that person as a Friend or subscribed to that person’s account and you still don't see any shares? Learn more about your friends showing zero shares.