Keep&Share makes it easy to keep track of everyone who is Visiting your information through “Reports.” Reports is a section of the Dashboard that provides you with over a dozen detailed reports regarding all activity by your Visitors, Friends, and yourself. These Reports provide you with valuable ways to track all of activity by your friends who are visiting your shared information.

You can keep track of everything you do on Keep&Share, this includes any comments, views, or edits you have made to information in your account as well as in other accounts. If you want a more complete record of all of your activity on Keep&Share, you can click on the blue “See All My Activity” link at the bottom of your Notifications list on your Dashboard.

You can see your “Friends’ Activity Report” if you want to see a detailed report of all of the actions and when those actions took place regarding information and shares in your account. Each Report lists relevant document, Visitor names, and dates. You can click directly through to the original visited item by clicking on its name.

There is also a “Monthly Report” that you can visit. This data will tell you how many visits you’ve had to your shares for the entire month. Learn more about using the reports on your Dashboard.