The “Invite a Friend” command allows your friends to create free Keep&Share logins. Each friend receives an email telling them you want to share information with them along with an invitation to log into their already existing Keep&Share account (if they have one), or they can create a new, free Keep&Share account in seconds.

Note: If you have a Team account and you want to add members to your Team, you will need to add them using the Team Console and not the Invite-a-Friend command.

How to Invite a Friend

After you click the “Invite Now” button you will be asked to complete an anti-spam code screen. Your friends will each receive an email inviting them to create a new account or log in to an existing account they might already have at Keep&Share. After you have sent the invite you will see the below confirmation screen:

Once you have sent invitations, you can monitor Invite Status by clicking on “Invite a Friend” again. As your friends accept their invitations, you will see their Account Names in the status panel. They will also be added to your Friends list (and you to theirs) automatically, making sharing easy.

Note: The invitation link is only meant to be used once by your invited friend to create a free Basic account with us. Once your friend has used the link to create an account, the link will no longer be active. If they want to access your shares, they will need to log into their account and then access your shares that way.

The invitation that your friend receives will have a link they can click on. Once this link has been clicked, they will be taken to the screen below:

Your friend will have the option of logging into their Keep&Share account (if they already have one), logging into a different Keep&Share account, or creating a new free Keep&Share account. Whichever path they choose, their account and yours are mutually linked via your Friends List. Once they are added to your Friends list you can move them into Share Groups as needed.

If your friends do not receive your invitation, click “Send Again” as many times as you need. If the problem persists, have your friends learn more about adjusting their spam filters so that emails from Keep&Share are not blocked.