In the Share Control, you can add Share Groups and Friends to your Share List as a way to easily access and organize the Keep&Share users you share your applications with (ex. Photo Albums, Calendars, Documents, etc.). Friends are other Keep&Share accounts that you subscribe to.

Friends” are individual Account Names in Keep&Share that you've added to your Friends List in your account or that you subscribe to.

Adding Friends to your Friends List helps keep these individuals “at your fingertips” and makes it easy to share with them or visit their accounts. There are three different ways you can view your Friends:

  1. By clicking on the gray “Friends” link in the blue bar on your account screen
  2. By clicking on the green plus button next to the Blank Sharing Field in the Share Control

Your Friends List is also useful for sharing automatic Notifications to other users. Learn more about how to see your Friends List and how to add Friends to your account.