“Visitors” are anyone who has visited any of your shared information on Keep&Share. Any time that someone has visited your account, Keep&Share keeps an instant “visitor register” that makes a note of who visited the information, what date and time they visited, as well as how many times that particular person has visited your shared information. Learn more about Visits.

Visitors to your account can only see the information that you've shared either with the Public, or specifically with them through Limited Sharing, which is where only certain individuals that you have chosen can visit the information that you've shared. With Limited Sharing, the individuals on Keep&Share that you share with are known as “Friends.” These are individuals whose accounts you Subscribe to on Keep&Share and are part of your Share List.

Visitors also includes individuals who have visited your information whether or not they have a Keep&Share account. These Visitors show up as “anonymous” on your Reports.

Any time that a Visitor views, edits, or comments on anything in your account, a Notification will be generated and will appear on your Dashboard. You can also see an in-depth report of who has visited your information by viewing your “My Friends’ Activity Report” section. Learn more about seeing all of your and your friends’ activities in your account.