Keep&Share calendars can't be deleted from an account (though an entire account can be closed), but you can easily erase all or a section of content from your calendar using the “Calendar Erase” feature. This feature is also useful in creating a blank calendar to import a calendar file into.

Tip: It's recommended to either create a backup or exported copy of your calendar before erasing its content.

Erasing specific content from your calendar

First, go to the "Customize" screen, click on the “Data Management” tab, click on the "Backups, recovery, & clean up" tab, and then click the dark blue “Delete specific data” link. Once you have clicked on this link, you will be taken to the “Calendar Erase” screen where you can choose the range of Calendar data you want to erase.

You can choose the date range of the data you want to delete, delete events with certain Event Tags, and/or events that have a specific text. You can also manually click on the checkbox next to the events you want to delete. Once you have selected the data you want to delete you can click on the red "Save and erase the entries" button. 

To delete all content from your calendar, leave both Start and End dates blank on this screen.

See the image below:

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