Calendar Views” are different formats that you can view your Calendar in. Each Calendar View will arrange your Calendar data into a different layout and specify how much of your Calendar data you can see at once. You can choose between Day, Week, Month, Year, Side-by-Side, and Event view.

When you click on this drop-down menu you can choose which type of Calendar View will always show when you first view this Calendar in your account. You will still be able to switch between other Calendar Views. 

In the Keep&Share Calendar Application, you can easily switch between Calendar Views using the drop-down menus in the upper left-hand corner of your Calendar screen. You can also choose to set a default Calendar View using your Calendar’s “Customize” screen.

Setting a Default Calendar View

To change your default calendar view you'll need to go to the "Customize" screen, click on the "Calendar Display Settings" tab, and then click on the "General settings" tab. Follow the directions below:

The drop-down menu below “Default calendar view”  on the right side of the “Customize” screen will list all of the Calendar View types and options that you can select for your Calendar.

Note: Any changes that you make to this Calendar in the “Customize Screen” will only apply to the current Calendar you are viewing. The other Calendars in your account will keep their settings. This means that you can have a different default Calendar View for every Calendar in your Keep&Share account.

Alternatively, you can set the default calendar view directly from your calendar without switching to the "Customize" screen. First, you should navigate to the calendar view that you want to set as the default. Then follow these instructions:

My account won’t let me choose my default Calendar View

There is one circumstance where you will not be able to choose a default Calendar View for your Calendar and that's if you have chosen that Calendar as your Home Application. The “Home Application” is where you can choose the first screen you want to see when you log into your Keep&Share account. The image below shows what your screen will look like if you have chosen a Calendar View as your Home Application in your Calendar’s “Customize” screen:

In the Home Application, you can choose one of your Calendars and the preferred Calendar View you want to see when you first log into your account. Your Home Application choice will override your Default Calendar View setting. If you want to change your default Calendar View, you will need to change it in your Home Application or remove it from your Home Application.

Learn more about Calendar Views and how you can customize your Calendar Views.