Calendar Overlays are a feature in the Keep&Share Calendar Application that allows you to flexibly view other Calendars in your current Calendar by combining multiple Calendars into one overall view. This flexibility is enabled by your ability to toggle Overlays on and off and manage the list of Overlays on your Calendar.

Turning a Calendar Overlay On and Off (as a Calendar Owner):

When you are viewing a Calendar, all of its associated overlays can be found in the Navigator in a list below the name of your Calendar. You can toggle any Calendar Overlay in this list on or off by checking the box next to the name of the Calendar Overlay.

Turning a Calendar Overlay On and Off (as a Calendar Visitor):

When visiting another Keep&Share user's calendar (either in Keep&Share or embedded on a website), you can still control which Overlays are displayed using the Visitor Display Icon. Just click this icon (shaped like a day calendar) in the upper left corner of the calendar you're visiting to open a dialog of the Overlays used in that Calendar.

Visitors can choose which Calendar (Overlay) is turned on or off by checking the boxes in this dialog. Whichever overlay display choices made during this visit only stay during that visit – they don't change what other people see when they visit that calendar or the calendar's settings.

Note: You can't see this icon in your own calendar, you can only see it if you are visiting a calendar outside of your account.