Side-by-Side View is a type of Calendar View that allows you to view multiple Calendars at once by placing separate Calendars side-by-side for easy comparison. You can compare up to 10 Calendars in your account using Side-by-Side view. To use the Side-by-Side View feature, first be sure that you have a paid account (This does not include paid legacy accounts). Learn more about Side-by-Side view.

Setting Up Side-by-Side View

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First, you will need to click on the Calendar in your Navigator that you want to set up Side-by-Side view for. Then you will need to click on the gray “Customize” button above your Calendar. Follow the steps in the image below:

In the "Side-by-Side View” tab, use the buttons to add up to 14 more Source Calendars from your account to use in Side-by-Side View. The Calendar you are using will automatically be represented in the first Calendar of Side-by-Side View.

Once you have set up your Side-by-Side View for your Calendar, you will need to change the Calendar View on your Calendar screen in order to see it. First, go back to your calendar and then follow the steps below:

Learn more about how to do this using Side-by-Side View.