You can share your Keep&Share Calendar via email in three different ways: Emailing a link to your Calendar, email agendas to yourself and others, and emailing a PDF version of your Calendar. You can learn more about these various methods below.

Send a message with my calendar attached

You can email a live link and a copy of your calendar using the “Send Message” feature that is in the blue bar above your calendar. You can use “Send Message” to send your calendar to Friends, Share Groups, or individual email addresses.

Email agendas to yourself & others

To email regularly updated copies of your Calendar (either to yourself, or to you and your Share List) for easy access in an email, use the Receive agendas via email feature in the Customize and Share Screen. For more information on emailing Calendar copies, see the Email a Copy of my Calendar page.

Email a PDF version of my Calendar

To email a copy of your Calendar to people who aren't on your Share List, you can create a PDF version of your Calendar that can be used as you would any PDF file - including sending it as an email attachment. For more information on this, visit our a Email a PDF page.