In Keep&Share, you are always in control of what you share, how you share, and who you share your Calendar with. This includes sharing with everyone (Visitors with or without a Keep&Share account), a limited group of people (Visitors with Keep&Share accounts), or only with yourself.

To share your entire Calendar, edit the settings in your Calendar’s Share Control found in the "Share" pop-up dialog. Each Calendar has its own individual share settings, and they always start out private. By default, no one can see (or visit) your Calendar unless you change the sharing settings. See the image below for how to change your Share settings:

After you have set up sharing in your Calendar’s Share Control, you can share the content of your Calendar in many different ways. You can share your Calendar via:

  • Notifications sent to fellow Keep&Share users
  • Emailing and Linking to copies online.
  • Embedding your Calendar to a website to share it online
  • PDF versions of your Calendar that you can email or print
  • Exporting your Calendar as a file that can be imported into any Calendar program, as a “snapshot” of how it looked when you exported it
  • Publishing your Calendar to view in a non-K&S Calendar via a live iCalendar feed, which will continue to update after you share the feed (after the other Calendar program “subscribes to” your feed).

If you want to share the ability to create and add content to your Calendar as well, you can give people Edit Rights to your Calendar, or just Add-Only Rights via our “Self-Book” feature. Note that “Edit Rights” are a feature that is only available to paid accounts.

To learn more about all of the sharing options available, visit our solutions in the Calendar Sharing: Getting Started folder.