Keep&Share gives you maximum control over all of the content that you create in your account. It is up to you whether your content is shared with all of the public, with a few select friends and Share Groups, or only with yourself. The Share Control is the interface that lets you manage the share settings of all of your information in Keep&Share, including Calendars, Documents, Photo Albums, and more.

Inside the Share Control, there's the Share List, the Blank Sharing Field, the ability to add Groups and Friends, the ability to set Notifications, and the ability to give Edit Rights to people on your Share List. Each Calendar, Document, etc. in your account has its own individual Share Control located in the pop-up “Share” dialog - this gives you maximum control over your shared and private Keep&Share content.

Finding the Share Control

To access the Share Control, first, you will need to go to the file, calendar, photos, etc. that you want to share. Then you will need to click on the gray “Share” button in the blue bar at the top of the screen. Follow the steps below:

How to use the Share Control

To set sharing for any of your applications, you will need to first access the pop-up “Share” dialog for the item that you want to share. Then you can choose who you want to share your information by clicking on the checkboxes in the Share Control or typing in friends' names in the “Click to Share” text field.

  • Public Sharing: If you want your information open to anyone online, check the "Public" box in your Share Control. This means that individuals will be able to access your shared item regardless of whether that person has a Keep&Share account or not. Learn more about sharing publicly.

  • Limited Sharing: If you only want to share your Calendar, Document, etc. with a specific group of Keep&Share users, add their names to the Share List. Learn more about limited sharing.

  • Private Sharing: When you create a new application in Keep&Share the Share Status is always set to “Private” by default. This means that your information is completely private and no one outside of your account can access it until you change the Share Status. Learn more about private sharing.

  • In order to share with others in Keep&Share, you will need to add people to your Share List. You can do this by typing either a name, Account Name, or email address in the Blank Sharing Field. Learn more about using the Blank Sharing Field.

You can also access Friends and Groups by clicking on the "Add Friends" button in the Share Control to add individuals from your Friends List to the Share Control.

  • If you have shared your information with friends and you want to alert them of any new shares or edits you've made, you can click on the checkbox next to “Send change notifications to shares” at the bottom of the Share Control. Once this box is checked your friends or Share Groups will receive a Notification.

  • You can copy and give a link to others so that they can access the files that you are sharing with them. You can share a regular link, which will either require your visitor to log into a Keep&Share account or your item will need to be shared publicly. You also have the option to use a Private Sharing Link, which anyone can use without having to log into a Keep&Share account. We recommend using the Private Access Link only if you don't have your items shared with anyone else.