Events are a type of calendar entry that is structured around a scheduled time, with options to connect to your email, phone and other calendars. To create a new event, click on the "plus" icon available in the top right corner of a date on your calendar or click on the white space in the day boxes in your calendar. To access and edit an existing Event, open the Event Editor by clicking an Event link on your calendar.

Organizing multiple Events in one day

You can organize events in your day by the time they occur, or by headlining events according to your personal preference. You can headline an Event (which brings the Event to the top of your list for the day) by placing an “@” symbol at the front of the Event's text. You can further order and headline Events by adding multiple “@” symbols, where “@@” is the second on the list, “@@@” is third on the list, and so on.

When you use headlines, the “@” symbol does not appear in front of your Event text on your calendar. You will only be able to see this “@” symbol when you are editing your events, so it will not interfere with the overall look of your calendar.

You can also add extra “@” symbols before each Event so that you can give a specific order to your headlined Events. See the image below:

Headline Events are also helpful when you are using the  “Year” view. The Year view is a calendar view that allows you to see all of your headlined Events all at once for the entire year. his can help with planning around important events in your year. See the image below:

Note: If you don't organize your events by time or headlining, they will appear on your calendar in the order they were created.

Learn more on creating, editing, and connecting your Events by visiting the Event solutions folder.