Keep&Share’s Calendar print dialog lets you add extra information to every page of your printout using headers and footers. Headers can display custom text or information about your document using print codes. You also have the option of placing a header in the top left or top right of your Calendar.

Adding Headers to your Calendar printout

Select the Calendar you would like to print and click the “Print” button in the upper right-hand corner of your Calendar screen to open the print dialog.

After selecting the layout and duration of your printout, check the “Header” check box to turn the on the header feature.

The two fields in the Header section of the print dialog represent the 2 positions available for headers at the top of your Calendar printout. Two default print codes are in place for the Calendar’s name and today's date. You can keep these default print codes, type your own text in these header fields, or use other print codes instead. Print codes can provide information about the Name, URL, Date, Time, and Page numbers in your printout.

Once you have set up your headers, just click click the “OK” button at the bottom of the dialog to create your Calendar's new PDF printout.

Tip: You can also add more information to your Calendar printouts using Calendar Legends and Month Notes.

To learn more on all of the printing options available, visit our solutions in the Calendar Printing: Getting Started folder.