There are two ways that you can add external calendars to your Keep&Share account. 

Importing your calendar

Importing your calendar allows you to import your external calendar into your Keep&Share account as a single transfer. When data is imported to a Keep&Share calendar, the data is added to any existing data present in the calendar. It is an “add to” process, not a “replacement” process. This means if you import the same calendar twice, your events will be duplicated in the calendar.

Once you import the calendar if you update that external calendar those edits won't be reflected in your imported calendar. You can only import .CSV and .ICS calendar files. If your calendar is in a .ZIP file, you'll need to unzip that file and then import your individual calendar files.

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Adding an iCalendar feed

The iCalendar feed creates a live continuous transfer of calendar data between calendars and any edits that you make to your external calendar will be reflected in the calendar you add to your Keep&Share account. However, you cannot edit your external calendar from your Keep&Share calendar. 

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