To customize a link to your calendar, you must first copy a link to your calendar, using the “Share Links” tab in your calendar's "Customize" panel.

Once you’ve copied a link to your calendar, you can customize both the date and the time zone your calendar displays when people click on that link. If you do not create a customized date/time zone, your linked calendar will use the date and time zone provided by the computer viewing the link.

Follow the steps in the image below:

Customize the Date

Customize the date by adding a date parameter (&date=yyyy-mm-dd) to the end of your URL, where “yyyy-mm-dd” is replaced by the date of your choice.

Note: You can only share live links of your calendars to members of your Share List. To make links to your calendar accessible to anyone online, your calendar would have to be Publicly Shared. To learn more about creating a link to your Calendars, visit the Keep&Share Developer site.
You can also choose to embed your full calendar into a website using Keep&Share's calendar Embedding feature.