You can email regularly updated copies of your Calendar to yourself (or to you and your Share List) using the “Receive agendas via email or text” feature in the “Customize” screen.

In this tab, you can choose the when the emails and text messages are sent, how often they are sent, where they are sent to, and how much of your Calendar is included in those copies. When we send a message to the mobile phone, it is sent as a text message, and we strip it down to its bare essentials to keep it as short as possible.

You can also choose to send an email and/or text message of your Calendar to yourself and your friends. This tab also provides you with the option to send these emails and texts to your Share List as well.

Note: Being about to send agendas via text message is a feature available only to paid Solo and Team accounts.

In order to receive an email or text agenda, you will need to make sure that you and your agenda recipients have your Communication Settings in your account set up correctly. You will need to make sure that the box is checked under the “Reminders” column. Follow the steps in the image below:

Note: These emailed and texted copies of your Calendar are not live, and are only a reflection of the status of your Calendar when the copy was made. You can increase the frequency of these copies to keep the information presented to increase how often the emailed copies are updated.
Note: You can only email copies of your Calendar using this method to yourself or to you and your Share List. If the person you would like to email isn't on your Share List, you can add them to your Share List, or email an offline PDF version of your Calendar.