You can easily email a live link of your Calendar to anyone on your Share List, by copying the URL of a of a specific view of your Calendar using the “Customize” screen, and send an email that includes that link directly from your own email account. You can also copy customized links to your calendar from the pop-up “Share” dialog.

Sharing a link to your calendar from the “Customize” screen

In the “Customize” screen for your calendar you can copy a regular link or a mobile link for your calendar. For both links you can choose what Calendar View you want to copy and share the link for.

However, in order for visitors to view your calendar using these links your calendar will either need to be shared directly with the people who are viewing it or the calendar will need to be shared publicly.

Note: You can only email live links of your calendars to members of your Share List. To make links to your calendar accessible to anyone online, your calendar would have to be Publicly Shared. If you would prefer to keep your calendar limited to your share list and the person you would like to email isn't on your Share List, you can either add them to your Share List, or email an offline PDF version of your calendar.

Sharing a link to your calendar from the pop-up “Share” dialog

There are also two types of links that you can copy from the “Share” dialog. One is a shorter link that you can post to social media accounts that have limited characters (such as Twitter) or for emails where the link address might get cut short. If you have a paid account the other type of link you can copy is the Direct Access Link. This link will allow visitors to see your calendar without having to either log into an account or have your calendar shared publicly.

If you want to sync your Keep&Share calendar with other calendars, you can also copy the iCalendar feed for your calendar and then share it with others. Go to the “Synchronize my calendar with iCalendar or RSS feeds” tab in the “Customize” screen. Copy your choice of URL link, and paste it into any email you're composing.

Tip: If you're looking to regularly email updates on your Calendar with your shares, you might be interested in setting up emails of regular updated copies of your calendar, or sending calendar notifications to your Share List.