The Share Control is the interface that lets you manage the share settings of all of your information in Keep&Share, including Calendars, Documents, Photo Albums, and more. Each Calendar, Document, etc. in your account has its own individual Share Control located in the pop-up ”Share” dialog - this gives you maximum control over your shared and private Keep&Share content.

The Share List is a part of your applications’ Share Control that indicates the specific users, Friends, Team Members, and Share Groups you've shared your information with.

Editing your Share List

Your Share List comes with preset options to share your information publicly, with everyone on your Friends List, and your Team Members group as well. You can click on the "Add Friends" button in the image below to see your Friends and Share Groups.

You can also add to your Share List using the Blank Sharing Field, which lets you search for another Keep&Share user by account name, email address, group, or their first and last name. This is the text field at the bottom of your Share List labeled “Type in an account name or an email address here.”

Permitting Rights with your Share List

Besides controlling who your calendar is shared with, your Share List also controls the rights given to those who visit your information via sharing. Visitors can have view-only rights, Add-Only rights (via our “Self-Book” feature), Notifications, and full Edit Rights to your calendar. For more information, take a look at Calendar Visitors.