Calendar Overlays are a feature in the Keep&Share Calendar Application that allows you to flexibly view other Calendars in your current Calendar by combining multiple Calendars into one overall view. When you add a Calendar Overlay, there are several options of Source Calendars to use as an Overlay. This includes calendars provided by Keep&Share, any Calendars you create in your account, any Calendars shared with you, and more!

Once you have established a list of Overlays on your Calendar, you can customize how those Overlays appear on your Calendar. You can customize your Calendar Overlays using the following options:

To easily check on any of the information, such as colors or icons, in the source Calendar you can also use the “View It Now” link in the Overlay Management Dialog.

Reminder: Customizations made to the appearance of an Overlay do not affect the appearance of that Overlay’s Source Calendar.