There are several different ways you can adjust your Calendar so that you can see your Calendar data in a way that suits you best. The main way to view your Calendar data differently is by changing the Calendar View. This is why the buttons for changing your Calendar View are kept readily available in the upper-left-hand corner of your Calendar screen.

However, there are a few other tips for resizing your Calendar View so that you can see your Calendar data better.

Tips on Resizing your Calendar View:

  • Resize your browser window and the Calendar will resize with it.
  • Edit the “View” options of your internet browser to make the text displayed smaller or larger. Size changes made in your browser will not affect Calendar print-outs. Learn more about Calendar print-out layouts.
  • Adjust the row heights on your Calendar so that you can see all of your Event data.
  • Change the number of days or weeks that are showing at a time in your Calendar View. See the image below for the options you have for your Calendar Views:

To view large amounts of detail on a particular day, you can either click on and expand the size of the day editor, or you can switch to Day View.

Learn more about calendar views in the Calendar Views solutions folder.