Events are a type of Calendar entry that is structured around a scheduled time, with options to connect to your email, phone, and other Calendars.

Deleting an Event from your Calendar

To delete an event in your Calendar, you will need to open the Event you want to delete. You can open the Event Editor either by clicking the Event link in a date on your calendar or from selecting an Event link above the gray line in your Day Editor. Once you've opened your Event, just click the "Delete" button on the right side of your Event Editor, and a pop-up dialog will open. Click to confirm that you want to delete the event.

If you have created a repeating Event, you have a few more options when it comes to deleting your Events. You can choose to:

  • Delete only the Event that you clicked on in your Calendar
  • Delete the Event you clicked on and all future Events in that repeating Event series
  • Delete all of the Events in that repeating Event series, including Events that are before and after the event you clicked on

If you want to delete old events in bulk in your calendar, learn more about using our "Erase older data to free up space" feature. Learn more about creating, editing, and connecting your Events by visiting the Event solutions folder.