Day Notes are a freeform calendar entry format that you can use in your Keep&Share Calendar application. To access and edit a Day Note, click on the date in your calendar containing the Day Note, to open the Day Editor. In the Day Editor interface, you can select and edit the text in your Day Note as you would in any word processor.

Add an image/photo to your Day Note

Click the camera button in your Day Editor to access the Images editor.

In the Images editor, you have 3 ways of accessing an image to select for your Day Note:

  • Copy an image to your clipboard and then use ctrl/command - V keyboard shortcuts to paste the photo into the dialog (Note: this feature is not currently supported in Safari browsers).
  • Paste the URL of an image hosted anywhere online.
  • Upload a file from your computer to Keep&Share
  • Search for & select an image already stored in your Keep&Share Photos Account

Once you have accessed the image you want to add to your Day Note, select the size you would like the image to appear in your Day Note. You can choose: Tiny, Small, Medium, or Large.

Once your image is added to your Day Note, you can move, delete and link your icon as you would text.

Learn more on your options available in the Day Editor on our Day Editor solutions page.