Events are a type of Calendar entry that is structured around a scheduled time, with options to connect to your email, phone, and other calendars. To create a new event, click on the plus "+" icon available in the top right corner of a date on your calendar or click in the white space of a Day Box. To access and edit an existing Event, open the Event Editor by clicking an Event link on your calendar.

Scheduling an Event in your calendar

You can schedule your Event by setting both the time and length of your event in the Event Editor. You can also choose whether the event lasts for several days in a row or if it has a repeating schedule.

Setting the Time for your Event

You can set the start time for your event either by typing it directly into the Event Text or by typing it directly into the time fields in your Event Editor.

The required formats for setting the time in your event are the following:

  • You can use the "hh:mm" (ex. 10:55 or 23:55) or "h:mm" (ex. 7:30) format for time
  • You can use "am", "pm", "a.m.", or "p.m." after the a time format, or a number (ex. 3:30pm, or 8a.m.)
  • If you don't add "am", or "pm" after a time in your calendar, your calendar will assume the hours that are more common to the workday. Therefore, unmarked times before 7 (that is12:00-6:59) are interpreted as "pm" for afternoon hours, and unmarked times after 7 (that is 7:00-11:59) are interpreted as "am" for late morning hours.
  • You can hide details about your time in your Event Text, by placing it between square brackets.

Note: To post a time in your event that will not schedule the event, use a format outside of the required formats (ex. 7.30a). Click here to learn more about scheduling multiple day events.

Setting the Length for your Event

Set the length for your Event at length's time field in a "hour:minutes" format. If you do not set the length for your event, it will automatically default to a length of one hour.

Learn more about creating, editing, and connecting your Events by visiting the Event solutions folder.