Day Notes are a freeform calendar entry format that you can use in your Keep&Share Calendar application.

To edit your Day Note, click on the date in your calendar containing the Day Note to open the Day Editor. In the Day Editor interface, you can select and edit the text in your Day Note as you would in any word processor.

The features available to edit and format your Day Editor depend on which plan your Keep&Share calendar is signed up for, as advanced Day Editor features are only available for paid plans.

Basic Day Note text formatting options:

Every Keep&Share Calendar has the following text formatting options in the Day Editor

  • Bold, Italicize, Underline, and Strike-through text
  • Change Text Color, and Background Color
  • Erase Formatting Tool
  • Change Fonts and Font Size
  • Insert Special Characters
  • Toggle Spell Check on/off
  • Add Bulleted/Numbered lists

Advanced Day Note text formatting options:

If your Keep&Share calendar is upgraded to a paid plan, your Day Editor will have these additional text formatting options.

  • Align text
  • Superscript/Subscript text
  • Indent/Outdent text
  • Insert a Horizontal Line in your text

Learn more on your options available in the Day Editor on our Day Editor solutions page.