If you bookmarked your Calendar in your web browser and it always starts with a date in the past, it is possible that you bookmarked your Calendar with a date URL parameter. A URL parameter is a coded value added to the end of a web page's URL that tells your link how to behave. In this case, a date parameter is a code added to the end of your Calendar URL and will have the following format: “&date=yyyy-mm-dd.”

The added date parameter can also cause problems with your Calendar if you have bookmarked it at a future date. To stop your Calendar link from returning to the same date, you will need to remove the date URL parameter. The process of editing your bookmark will depend on what type of internet browser you are using.

If you haven’t bookmarked your Calendar but it’s still showing the wrong date, your browser may be auto remembering information that is sending you to the wrong date.

To fix the problem:

  1. Find the bookmark (or source URL) in your internet browser and edit the URL and remove the date parameter "&date=yyyy-mm-dd." (ex. https://www.keepandshare.com/calendar/show.php?i=533&date=2005-08-16)
  2. Delete the old bookmark/ URL
  3. Try clearing your browser's cache
  4. Try logging in “fresh”: go to keepandshare.com home page and click “Log In” and log in by hand.
  5. Try using another browser or another computer to isolate the problem.

Also, if your browser is open and running for a long time (multiple days), it can sometimes get confused about the date.

To correct this you can try

  1. Refreshing your browser window by pressing F5 on a PC (or Command + R on a Mac).
  2. Logging out & logging back into Keep&Share.
  3. Quit your browser, restart your computer, and while reopening your computer hold down Ctrl + F5 key (or Command + R on a Mac) for a force refresh on your browser.
  4. Check that your computer has the correct date.

If closing and reopening your browser did not solve the problem, please email us at support(at)keepandshare(dot)com. We would like to hear about your problem!

For more general troubleshooting tips, visit the Calendar General Troubleshooting solutions folder.