You can add appointments to your Calendar by creating an Event. Events are a type of calendar entry that is structured around a scheduled time with options to connect with other calendars and your Keep&Share friends. With events, you can also set up a reminder for your appointment that can connect to your email and phone.

You can add additional information to your Calendar by using Keep&Share’s “Self-Book” feature or adding Event Notes. See the images below about how you can use Events, Event Notes, and Self-Book to add appointment information.

Set up an appointment by creating a Calendar Event

Keep track of appointment information by Adding a Note

If you have some extra information related to your appointment that you would like to keep close at hand, you can Add a Note to your event! Whether it addresses, hyperlinks, images, or a little message to yourself the Add a Note feature keeps information in easy reach of your appointment.

Let someone book an appointment with you using “Self-Book”

The “Self-Book” feature lets someone viewing your calendar self-book an event on your calendar.

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