You can search inside your Calendar for specific words using your Keep&Share Calendar's “search” function located in the upper-right hand corner of your Calendar screen. The “search” function will look for your search terms through all of the Events on your Calendar, including Events in any Calendar Overlays. You can look for a specific date by navigating your calendar.

Searching for Content in your Calendar

First, click on the gray “Search” button located in the blue bar in the upper right-hand corner of your calendar screen. This will open your search function in a pop-up dialog. In the search dialog, enter your search terms in the blank field and select the date range for your search. Your search results will appear below. Click on any search result to view it in your calendar.

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The search dialog can cover all of the Events and Day Notes in your calendar. You can search by one of our date ranges options from the “Dates” drop-down menu, or you can choose to search your Calendar using a custom date range. Below are listed the search range options for your calendar:

You can further edit your search by choosing whether or not to include calendar overlays in your search, whether to include Day Notes, or you can even search using specific Event Tags by clicking on the “Show Advanced” button in the search dialog.

Once your search is complete, there is also the option to export your search as a spreadsheet. This is ideal for keeping track of recurring information in your calendar. Learn more about exporting Calendar search results and printing Calendar search results.

To clear your search results, click on the gray “Reset Search” button at the bottom of the search dialog. 

Learn more about how to use advanced methods to search your calendar.